Find your Flow. Limit Interruptions. Colloborate Effectively.

Makerflow helps developers manage their tasks and limit interruptions from other collaboration apps, so you can do great work and have fun doing it!

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Crush goals, breeze through deadlines

Gain superhuman organizational powers, by getting a universal view of all personal tasks, across multiple apps, in the Unified Task List. Mentions and assignments are automatically pulled into the task list, ready for prioritization.

Collaborate without sacrificing focus

Move away from interrupt-driven work and collaborate effectively turning on "Flow Mode" to hide your tasks and notifications. Your slack status is updated automatically so your colleagues are in the loop.

Get energized for life outside work

Make work more joyful and efficient by increasing time spent doing deep work leading to more effective outcomes. Take breaks and keep track of when you started your workday to avoid overworking.

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We integrate with (or plan to) with these platforms

All Slack notifications are automatically pulled & grouped smartly

Ready for you when you want to look at them. Save yourself from notification hell

Pull requests and related notifications from connected GitHub repositories are added to your task list

Don't miss out on pull requests from your teammates

Similar to GitHub, pull requests and related notifications from connected Bitbucket repositories are added to your task list

Get alerted about upcoming events from Google Calendar

Coming soon!

Pull in issues from JIRA

Coming soon!

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