Get In Flow. Without Starting Work Before Your Coworkers. Or After Them.

Makerflow empowers software engineers to do deep work without sacrificing collaboration.

No Credit Card Needed


enables "flow mode" when it detects you are working heads down on code.

Block Interruptions & Distractions

to focus on the task at hand, by suppressing notifications and blocking distracting websites or apps

With CLI + VScode Extension

so you don't have to add or manage another tool in your workflow.

It Just Works

Detect when you are coding, automatically

VScode extension, in tandem with the backend, detects when you are coding.

Turn on do not disturb, automatically

On MacOS when flow mode is activated, suppressing all your incoming notifications

Update status on Slack, automatically

So your co-workers know you might be slow to respond

Distracting chat apps closed, automatically

When Flow Mode is turned on, all chat apps currently open like Slack, Discord, MS Teams, Messages, Telegram, and WhatsApp are automatically closed

Distracting websites blocked, automatically

With extensions for Firefox and Chrome (or Chromium based) browsers

Get work done. Write great code

and have more energy for life outside work

Collaborate without sacrificing focus

Move away from interrupt-driven work and collaborate effectively with "Flow Mode" to prevent distractions.

Crush goals and breeze through deadlines

Give yourself superhuman organizational powers, by getting a universal view of all personal tasks, across multiple apps.

Get more time to do things you love

Make work more joyful and efficient by increasing time spent doing deep work, take regular breaks, and working sustainable hours.

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