More Flow, Less Flop

Get stuff done without hiding away from your team and product managers

Outer space

Software engineers are unable to do deep work

Disruptions hurt

600 hours and approximately $34,500 per employee per year are lost due to distractions, many of which come from other collaboration apps

Collaboration is necessary

Development teams need to continuously communicate with multiple stakeholders across a variety of collaboration tools

Lots of dropped balls

Work gets sprinkled across multiple systems like issue trackers, code repositories, chat and calendars - making it difficult for folks to keep track of everything.


To take your work to the next level


Automatically enables "flow mode" when it detects you are working heads down on code and researching something in your browser

Flow Mode

Hide away all tasks and notifications to focus on the task at hand. Slack status gets updated automatically letting your teammates know you will be slow to respond.

Integrate With Your Tools & Workflow

Works with your favorite IDEs, code editors, browsers and other cloud apps you use to do your day-to-day work

Pull Request Dashboard

See pull requests you created or need to review on your dashboard. No need to jump between tabs or keep getting nudged by coworkers

Upcoming Meetings

See all upcoming meetings on your personal dashboard with one click access to associated calls.

Personal Task Manager

Track ad-hoc tasks by adding them quickly to work on later, or jump into flow mode right away

Security & Privacy

Security & privacy are first class citizens at Makerflow. We only capture or store data we need, your data stays secure and we don't track you unnecessarily.

Makerflow helps you...

...collaborate without sacrificing focus

Move away from interrupt-driven work and collaborate effectively by automatically turning on "Flow Mode" to hide all tasks and notifications. Slack status is updated automatically keeping the team updated about each others status.

...crush goals and breeze through deadlines

Give yourself superhuman organizational powers, by getting a universal view of all personal tasks, across multiple apps. Mentions and assignments are automatically pulled into your personal dashboard.

...increase job satisfaction!

Make work more joyful and efficient by increasing time spent doing deep work, take regular breaks, and working sane hours.

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